Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Indian Raga

The Indian Raga provides a unique structure for expressing through the voice, and especially for improvisation. The beauty of the Indian Raga is that by choosing only certain notes of the scale and omitting others, or by using them only in a very specific way, each Raga sets a particular mood which the voice can explore; flowing like a river, slow and meandering in places, sparkling in others or building to a waterfall of sound until it finally merges into the sea.

Although it may take a great artist to manifest the full glory of the raga, its beauty lies in its simplicity and discipline. With very little experience, even a beginner can capture the essence of the raga without the need for embellishment or virtuosity by remaining in the quality of the sound, a resonance which is felt in the body of the one producing the sound and the one receiving it.