Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The workshop

The process of uncovering the voice is always rooted in the physical body, the whole of which becomes the instrument which we play. The workshops have a solid ‘body work’ content, various gentle but powerful centering and posturing exercises which explore the gravity and balance of the physical body. By combining these exercises with specific control of breathing, the voice begins to put down solid roots and its full resonance is able to manifest. Just to sing and hold a Sa with a fully resonating voice can be a rich experience both for the one singing and those who are receiving the sound!

We sing our own improvisations using Sa Re Ga, songs written by Gilles, Ragas, improvised duets and trios in high voice or low voice, songs which we bring with us....the field is wide! Each workshop unfolds in a unique and spontaneous way, and is always interesting, rich and fulfilling!

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